Howdy! A little about me...


I live in the fun little city of Burlington, Vermont with my dog, Pippa. We're right on Lake Champlain and just outside of the Green Mountains.

When I'm not climate writing, I spend a good bit of my time playing in nature:

Bikes: Mountain biking and some gravel. Favorite trail: the 401 in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Hikes: My bread and (vegan) butter? Simple hikes with good friends to waterfalls. But I've also trekked Kilimanjaro and climbed Mt. Baker.

Soccer: I played in college and still dig weekly leagues and pickup. No plans to hang up the boots anytime soon!

But mostly I like walking with Pippa, moving around outside, and reveling around campfires with friends.

Other facts about me:

• I gave a TEDx talk on how to become more adventurous—without feeling like you need to jet across the world.

• I grew up on the beach in New Jersey, studied in Barcelona and Shanghai, worked in New York City, and lived in Colorado and Vermont.

• My big goal for 2023? I'm planning a ride my mountain bike across New Zealand from North to South. It's called Tour Aotearoa, for the curious.

• Aside from climate, I'm really into mental health—all facets, but I'm currently most interested in the new research around psychedelic-assisted therapy.

• I eat plant-based. I walk and bike more than I drive. I live a modest lifestyle and spend a good amount of time reading and strumming the guitar. I try to tread lightly on this beautiful planet we have.

Universal Dialect

On the side of climate writing, I run Universal Dialect, a social mission project.

We organize adventure trips. We're invited into communities to gift soccer balls and play pickup with locals in developing nations—Costa Rica, Tanzania, Guatemala, and Peru are a few of our most recent trips.

My cofounder and I played soccer together in college, and this is how we stay connected to the beautiful game.

Universal Dialect Guatemala


Yes: Black coffee, Green New Deal, dogs, guitar, plants, stories around a bonfire, psychedelic science, spontaneous pickup soccer, nutrition, journaling. Favorite podcast: Rich Roll. Favorite book: The Overstory. Favorite band: Portugal, The Man.

No: American sports, Netflix (mostly), being indoors for too long, email inbox, single-use anything, Joe Manchin.

Wanna work together? Let's chat

I'm always looking to meet fun people doing interesting things. Whether you want to hire me for a big project or simply think we'd make great friends, head over to my "work with me" page and drop me a line using the form. I'll be in touch!