Howdy! A little about me...


When I'm not writing, I spend my time playing in nature:

Bikes: Mountain biking and gravel rides. I recently rode a bike across New Zealand!

Hikes: Simple hikes with good friends are best. But I've also trekked Kilimanjaro and climbed Mt. Baker.

Soccer: I played in college and beyond. Still play in weekly leagues. Tis the beautiful game.

Mostly I like walking with my dog Pippa, moving around outside, and reveling around campfires with friends.

Other facts about me:

• I gave a TEDx talk on how to become more adventurous—without feeling like you need to jet across the world.

• I grew up near the beach in New Jersey, studied in Barcelona and Shanghai, worked in New York City, and lived in Colorado and Vermont.

• Aside from climate, I'm really into mental health—all facets, but I'm currently most interested in the new research around psychedelic-assisted therapy.

• I eat plant-based. I walk and bike more than I drive. I live a modest lifestyle and spend a good amount of time reading and strumming the guitar.

• My big plan for 2024? A long backpacking trip in Patagonia.

Massage therapy

I also own a private massage therapy practice for the people of Burlington, VT. It's called Get Lost Massage, and it's centered around active outdoor culture. I see outdoor recreation as a catalyst for caring deeply about the natural world. My massage practice is centered around helping people feel relaxed, energized, and healthy in their bodies so that they can spend more time recreating outside. And, in turn, treat the planet better :)

Universal Dialect

There's more! I run Universal Dialect, a social mission project. We organize conscious adventure trips. We're invited into communities to gift soccer balls and play pickup with locals in developing nations—Costa Rica, Tanzania, Guatemala, and Peru are a few of our most recent trips.

Universal Dialect Guatemala


Yes: Black coffee, live music, plants, beach bonfires, spontaneous pickup soccer, hammock reading, roller blades, travel, but tread lightly and not too much.

No: American sports, most TV, being indoors for too long, email inbox, single-use anything, Joe Manchin.

I'm always looking to meet fun people doing interesting things. Whether you want to hire me for a big project or simply think we'd make great friends, head over to my "work with me" page and drop me a line using the form. I'll be in touch!