Hey 👋 I'm Nick

I write content that helps climate-focused startups grow.


"Who are ya?"

I'm a nature-loving human who helps good things grow. I'm also a passionate marketer.

You can call me a climate copywriter.

I started my career at big companies: Bloomberg, HotelTonight, and Airbnb. Learned from some talented folks—just wasn't my jam. I wanted to challenge myself. You know, see if I could cause the growth. So I freelanced on the side with ambitious startups. Ones that get into Y-Combinator and air on Shark Tank.

Then Demand Curve hired me as their first writer. I created content with Julian Shapiro and grew our audience from zero to many thousands of people. By the time I left, I ran a four-person content team, and our work was routinely devoured by 500,000+ marketers at top companies. A few highlights:

• Wrote website pages, emails, and ad copy that generated millions in revenue.
• Took our newsletter from a few to 60,000 subs.
• Grew our Twitter account from zero to 30,000+ followers in under a year.
•  Built a live course with Sahil Bloom that rock stars like Amanda Nat and Zain Kahn (& many, many others) used to grow to hundreds of thousands of engaged followers.
• Wrote a growth marketing column for TechCrunch.

In short, I spent the last 3 years trading growth marketing insights with founders and savvy marketers—all while writing for/growing Demand Curve.

"What do you do? And why climate?"

I write words and build content strategies that grow startups.

But here's the thing: Not all startups are created equal.

I only team up with companies that are actively making the world a better place. Sounds vague, right? Maybe a lil' cheesy?

Look. We're facing a huge, existential threat right now: The planet is warming. And unless we dramatically rewrite the script, the world will look a whole lot different in a couple of decades (likely even sooner).

I believe startups can be the catalyst for the change we desperately need.

So these days, I use my writing and marketing experience to help ambitious people grow climate startups.

Plus, I've got limited bandwidth. The way I see it, you can go over to Marketerhire and find some ex-Warby ace willing to grow your latest and greatest productivity tool. 😉

My focus is climate. But I'm also up to speed and in the weeds on the following topics: mental health, physical health, nutrition, psychedelic science, and social justice.

If you're building something for a better future, I'm listening...

"Cool, but what can you do for me?"

Climate founders are so busy building awesome products that they often trip up on content.

Sometimes, it's simply a lack of quality content assets. Pages, emails, and ads aren't converting.

Other times, it's a positioning problem. Customers either don't get what you're selling or they don't find it valuable enough.

And in 2023, content is king...great content sells.

That's why most startups hire me as a fractional head of content. Here's what that looks like:

Executing high-leverage things, like nailing your positioning, and writing landing pages, emails, and ads that convert. This is where I'm most effective: figuring out how to package your value, then building assets that clearly communicate it. If your positioning is already dialed, I dive right into the writing.

And then occasionally hiring talented creators to write things like blog posts, ongoing social, and other long-form content projects.

A few other ways we can work together:

Some people bring me in because their content isn't performing and they're looking for a strategy upgrade.

Others hire me as a substantive editor—to train existing writing teams on writing for engagement and conversion.

Bigger, late-stage companies often hire me for freelance copywriting.

What I can't promise you: Rocket-ship growth. Millions of impressions. A guaranteed conversion spike. If any writer promises you these things, run.

What I CAN promise you: Clear positioning. Punchy copy that hooks readers. Content assets that you're proud of. Repeatable frameworks for engagement. A steady process for determining what works, what doesn't—and how we can go about increasing conversion together.

"Got writing samples?"

• Every Demand Curve newsletter up until issue 92.
• Viral Twitter threads: How to double conversion on your homepage, Referrals and word of mouth, Become a better copywriter.
• Short, punchy stuff that TechCrunch likes: Social proof, Rewrite your homepage, Marketing lies.
• Long-form deep dives: Performance influencer marketing, How to launch a Shopify store that converts, LinkedIn as a growth channel, How to launch on Product Hunt.

"Where can I get to know you better?"

If you're curious, head over to my "play" page to get a better feel for who I am and how I spend my time. Then come back here and drop me a line if you wanna connect.

"Do you have references?"

For sure. Reach out to me using the form below and ask for my references.

Interested in working together? Let's chat

Whether you're a founder looking for content help, or a climate person simply looking to connect, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you.