Hey 👋 I'm Nick

Growth marketer, writer, and adventurer.

I help people grow projects that make the world a better place (mostly climate tech). And I like to spend time outside with great people.

Nick Costelloe

Growth marketing

I'm currently the Head of Content for Demand Curve. We've grown companies like Microsoft, Segment, and Perfect Keto.

Growth: I run growth experiments and build funnels for our products.

Content: My team and I research top marketing channels, experiment, and interview experts. Then we write about our findings. We write playbooks (free) and content for our courses (paid).

A few of my favorite free playbooks:

Performance influencer marketing
How to launch a Shopify store that converts
LinkedIn as a growth channel
How to launch on Product Hunt

I also regularly contribute growth articles to TechCrunch:

Social proof
Rewrite your homepage
Marketing lies

Before Demand Curve, I ran growth experiments for fast-growing companies that are improving the world. One aired on Shark Tank. Another was backed by YC. I also worked for Airbnb and Bloomberg.


We're facing the greatest threat the world has ever seen: the climate crisis. I use my marketing and growth experience to grow startups that create and deploy climate solutions.

Business, combined with policy, will help us rapidly decarbonize and prevent permanent, devastating temperature increases.

If you're a founder working on climate, I'd love to help you grow. You can reach me at ncostelloe11 at gmail dot com.

Nick Costelloe


I believe adventure is the key to a fulfilling life. I try to spend as much time in nature as possible:

Cycling: I try to ride ~100 mile per week. I prefer mountain biking, but sometimes ride road.
Hiking: I split time between Colorado, Vermont, and my home state, New Jersey. Hiking is my favorite form of mindfulness, and it keeps me healthy and happy. Short hikes with good friends are best. But I've also trekked Kilimanjaro and climbed Mt. Baker. I'm planning on tackling Denali and Aconcagua in the next few years.
Snowboarding: I prefer backcountry splitboarding over resort riding. Earn your turns :)
Keep it local: Get outside and get moving. Simple as that. I gave a TEDx talk on how to become more adventurous—without feeling like you need to push the limits.

Biking in vermont
Biking in New Jersey

Universal Dialect

I also run Universal Dialect, a social mission project. We run adventure trips to developing nations, and sell branded activewear. For every 2 items sold, we give a soccer ball to kids who can't afford to play the game. We're invited into communities to gift soccer balls and play pickup with locals in developing nations—Tanzania, Guatemala, and Peru are a few of our most recent trips.

My cofounder and I played soccer in college, and this is how we stay connected to the beautiful game (we still play a lot, too).

Universal Dialect Guatemala


Yes: Everything outdoors, black coffee, craft beer, guitar, sharing stories around a bonfire, playing soccer, watching Premier League/Champions League soccer, Rick and Morty, journaling, dogs.

No: Watching American sports, Netflix (mostly), being indoors for too long, email inbox, single-use plastic.

Wanna get in touch? Hit me up on Twitter

If you're simply reaching out to connect, my DMs are open.

If you're a founder and want to work together, it's better to email me: ncostelloe11 at gmail dot com.

Also interested in the following industries (outside of climate):

• Mental health
• Psychedelic science
• Health and nutrition