Hey 👋 I'm Nick

Marketer, storyteller, and curious human.

I work with people to grow projects that make the world a better place. Climate, mental health, and social justice are the problems I'm most interested in solving.

Outside of work, I like to spend time adventuring with friends.


Growth marketing

I'm currently the Head of Content for Demand Curve. We create content and build communities that help marketers and founders solve real marketing problems. We try our best to skip trends and only share high-quality, vetted, and actionable marketing content from the top 1% of marketers. And we run courses that companies like Microsoft, Segment, and Perfect Keto have used to grow.

I was hired as Demand Curve's first writer, creating content with Julian Shapiro to grow our audience from zero to thousands of people. Now, I run a four-person content team, and our work reaches over 500,000 marketers at some of the fastest-growing companies. A few accomplishments:

• Took our newsletter from 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers. We've set the bar for high-quality, actionable marketing content, and the newsletter is regarded as one of the best in the industry.

• Grew our branded Twitter account from zero to 30,000 subscribers in less than one year. We also created a Twitter audience growth course that has helped hundreds of founders grow from zero to many thousands of followers.

• Created key "growth playbooks," and I continue to edit every research article published on our blog. Our pieces are read by thousands each month. My team and I research top marketing channels, run experiments, and interview experts. Then we write about our findings. A few of my favorite free playbooks: Performance influencer marketingHow to launch a Shopify store that convertsLinkedIn as a growth channelHow to launch on Product Hunt.

• I also contribute growth articles to TechCrunch: Social proofRewrite your homepageMarketing lies.

Before Demand Curve, I consulted for fast-growing companies tackling essential problems. One aired on Shark Tank. Another was backed by YC. I also worked for Airbnb and Bloomberg.

Issues I'm interested in solving

I believe that people, projects, and policy will solve some of the large problems the world is currently facing. Climate. Mental health. Social justice. They're all related, and they need solving asap.

I use my marketing, storytelling, and community-building experience to help people grow projects and businesses that aim to address these issues.

If you're a creator or founder working on these problems, I'd love to help you grow. You can reach me at ncostelloe11@gmail dot com.

How I spend my free time

My partner and I live in Burlington, Vermont. I try to spend my free time playing in nature. I gave a TEDx talk on how to become more adventurous—without feeling like you need to jet across the world.

Some activities I enjoy:

Biking: Mostly mountain biking, but road is great, too. Favorite trail: the 401 in Crested Butte, Colorado.
Hiking: Hiking is my favorite form of mindfulness, and it keeps me healthy and happy. Simple hikes with good friends are best. But I've also trekked Kilimanjaro and climbed Mt. Baker.
Snowboarding: I prefer backcountry splitboarding over resort riding. Earn your turns :)
Traveling: I appreciate the occasional and responsible trip. In my opinion, there's no better way to gain perspective. I try to tread lightly and leave places better than I found 'em.

But mostly I like walking with my dog, moving around outside, and reveling around campfires with close friends.

Universal Dialect

I also run Universal Dialect, a social mission project. We organize adventure trips. We're invited into communities to gift soccer balls and play pickup with locals in developing nations—Costa Rica, Tanzania, Guatemala, and Peru are a few of our most recent trips. We also sell branded activewear in the US. For every 2 items sold, we give a soccer ball to kids who can't afford to play the game.

My cofounder and I played soccer in college, and this is how we stay connected to the beautiful game—we still play as much as we can!

Universal Dialect Guatemala


Yes: Black coffee, Green New Deal, dogs, guitar, plants, stories around a bonfire (sometimes with a beer), psychedelic science, spontaneous pickup soccer, nutrition, journaling. Favorite podcast: Rich Roll. Favorite book: The Overstory. Favorite band: Mt. Joy.

No: American sports, Netflix (mostly), being indoors for too long, email inbox, single-use plastic, Joe Manchin.

Let's connect!

Whether you're simply reaching out to connect or a founder looking for growth and content help, shoot me an email at ncostelloe11@gmail dot com. If you share similar interests (or not!), I'd love to meet you. I'm also on Twitter, but I don't regularly tweet. Cheers and happy trails.