Hey 👋 I'm Nick

I write content that helps climate-focused startups grow.


"Who are you?"

I'm a climate copywriter.

I started my career learning from smart folks at big companies: Bloomberg, HotelTonight, and Airbnb.

But I wanted to see if I could cause the growth. So I freelanced on the side with ambitious startups. Ones that get into Y-Combinator and air on Shark Tank.

Then Julian Shapiro hired me as his first writer for Demand Curve. We grew our audience from zero to thousands of people. I wrote website pages, emails, and ad copy that generated millions in revenue.

By the time I left, I ran our content team and our work regularly reached 500,000+ marketers at top companies.

"What do you do? And why climate?"

I write words and build strategies that help good things grow.

You don't need me to tell you: "There is unequivocal evidence that Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate. Human activity is the principal cause." —NASA

I believe startups and nonprofits are catalysts for the rapid decarbonization we need.

So these days, I use my marketing experience to help ambitious people grow climate startups.

I've got limited bandwidth. The way I see it, you can go over to Marketerhire and find some ex-Warby ace willing to grow your latest and greatest productivity tool. 😉

If you're building something for a better future, I'm listening...

"What can you do for me?"

Climate founders are often so busy building solutions that they trip up on content.

• Sometimes, it's an audience problem. Maybe you don't know who your audience is or how to reach them.
• Other times, it's positioning. Customers don't get what you're selling, or they don't find it valuable enough.
• And even if audience and positioning are dialed, it could be a content problem: pages, emails, and ads aren't converting.

Startups bring me into different roles based on stage.

Early-stage companies:

• Work closely with founding teams to dial positioning and strategy
• Find the right audiences and channels
• Create high-leverage assets like landing pages, emails/funnels, and ads that convert. This is my core strength.
• Hire and train top-tier content marketers to work in-house


• Work with existing positioning and strategy to write high-converting copy across all touchpoints (ads, emails, social, pages, etc.)
• Long-form content projects requiring research and journalism
• Special content projects that are typically outside of core growth activities (newsletters, scripts for video content, remarkable assets)

This is my bread and butter. However, I bring experience from many other areas of growth.

What I can't promise you: Rocket-ship growth. Millions of impressions. A guaranteed conversion spike. If any writer promises you these things, run.

What I CAN promise you: Clear positioning. Punchy copy that hooks readers. Content assets that you're proud of. Repeatable frameworks for engagement. A steady process for determining what works, what doesn't—and how we can go about increasing conversion together.

"Can I see your work?"

• Every Demand Curve newsletter up until issue 92.
• Viral Twitter threads: How to double conversion on your homepage, Referrals and word of mouth, Become a better copywriter.
• Short, punchy stuff that TechCrunch likes: Social proof, Rewrite your homepage, Marketing lies.
• Long-form deep dives: Performance influencer marketing, How to launch a Shopify store that converts, LinkedIn as a growth channel, How to launch on Product Hunt.

"Where can I get to know you better?"

If you're curious, head over to my "play" page to get a better feel for who I am and how I spend my time. Then come back here and drop me a line if you wanna connect.

Interested in working together? Let's chat

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